Staying Legal!


All our fuels are Ready to Burn Certified from HETAS / Woodsure Approved Suppliers 


Since May 2021 it has been illegal to sell non Ready to Burn certified fuels in England.  

Beware there are still many suppliers in Kent selling illegal wet logs.


When did the legislation come in to force?

Under the Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020 that now apply in England, wood fuel sold in volumes under 2m3 must be certified as Ready to Burn.

What is the aim of the legislation?

The regulations aim to prevent harmful pollution from domestic burning of all solid fuels by ensuring wood sold in volumes of under 2m3 is certified as having a moisture content of 20% or less.

What are the exceptions?

Customers buying loose wood in quantities of 2mor more must be given advice on how to store and season the fuel, giving them confidence that the wood they are burning is suitably dry before use.

What fuel does it cover?

HETAS administers the Ready to Burn scheme for Manufactured Solid Fuels (MSF),  More information can be found on the HETAS website. Woodsure administers the Ready to Burn scheme for wood fuels.