We are an approved coal merchant


Coal 4 Kent is an approved coal merhant and member of the Coal Merchants Federation


Why Use an Approved Coal Merchant ?

  • Buy your coal with confidence from an Approved Coal Merchant
  • Coal merchants who belong to the Approved Coal Merchants Scheme adhere to the Coal Trade Code
  • Look for the Approved Coal Merchants Scheme logo and be sure of a great deal !

Approved Coal Merchants Scheme Logo


The Coal Trade Code was established in 1962 and sets down standards for bona-fide coal merchants, whereby they have to undertake to supply solid fuel of the best quality available, prepare and deliver the fuel to a high standard, adhere strictly to all Weights & Measures legislation, be able to offer advice on appliances, fuel types and safety and thoroughly investigate any customer complaints.

The Coal Trade Code offers the consumer the opportunity to buy their solid fuel in complete confidence from professionals who are proud to offer such high standards.

It also offers the consumer a line of recourse if there is a problem which cannot be resolved with their approved coal merchant.

In such a case, the Approved Coal Merchants Scheme has a National Co-ordinator who ensures that Members maintain standards and fully adhere to the Coal Trade Code.

For more information please call us on: 07469 623 437