In no particular order we have made a FAQs page!


How long will my fuel last?

This is our most common question, its also the one question we struggle to answer! The ammount of time your fuel lasts depends on a lot of factors from the size of your fire or stove, its age, how cold it is outside, how long you are burning for each day, how much of the house you are aiming to heat, if you are heating water etc, etc...

But this doesn't mean we can't offer some guidance, feel free to contact us and we will happily offer advice on our different fuels and how much you might need to heat your home.



Do you sell coal?

We no longer sell "traditional" house coal. The sale of bituminous coal is now banned in England, although you can use up any fuel you may have left.  Luckily we offer a range of cleaner burning alternative fuels.

What is the best alternative fuel for house coal?

Our top alternative fuels for house coal are:



Homefire / eCoal

Why are you still called Coal 4 Kent if you don't sell coal?

We've already bought a stack of business cards and we don't like wasitng money!


Smokeless Fuels

What is the best smokeless fuel for...?

We're often asked what is best fuel for a particual appliance.  We offer a wide range of fuels that are suitable for nearly all types of stove or open fireplace.  We've broken the web site down into catagories that give a good idea of what fuels are best suited for that particular use.  If you have any questions about what fuel is best for you please just get in contact and we'll be happy to help.

Do you sell Anthracite?

Since the closure of the Welsh Anthracite mines the supply anthracite to the UK market has been badly affected.  Fuel is being imported but the quality is significantly worse than our previous supplies.  We have currently taken the decision to not sell Anthracite as we cannot garauntee the quality or supply.   

What are the alternatives to Anthracite?

We have a good range of fuels that are suitable alternatives to anthracite. All of our smokeless fuels are made with Anthracite dust and perform very well with good consistency.  Feel free to contact us for more advice if you need it.



What logs do you sell for wood burning stoves?

We typically sell local chestnut logs for woodburning stoves.  Chestnut is a long lasting hardwood that gives out great heat.  The downside to chestnut is it tends to spit and pop more than other woods meaning its less suitable for an open fire place.

What logs do you sell for open fire places?

We are currently selling a mix of logs that are suitable for open fire places. Our current supply is mostly Ash with some Beech, Birch, Alder and Oak mixed in.

What size are your logs?

Our logs are typically cut to 10 inches in three to five inch rounds or split logs

We can also supply logs cut to 12 or 15 inches in a chunkier cut or smaller rounds.  Please call us for more information.

Are all the logs in the bag the same size?

No, our logs are cut a certain length but the smaller bits of wood at the end of the log still go into the bag.  The vast majority of your logs will be the size you have ordered but there will be some smaller bits that make great kindling!

What size bags do you sell your logs in?

We sell our logs in either a large builders dumpy bag or a 60 ltr sack. The sack is our version of the Homefire Handy bag but we think much better value! 

Are your logs Woodsure approved?

Yes, all logs we sell are from Woodsure approved suppliers



When will my delivery be?

We will contact you within 24 hours of placing your order to arrange a delivery date.  Deliveries will typically take between 2-5 working days.

Can I pick a delivery date / time?

We aim to offer the very best delivery service possible so where we can we make the delivery on a day that works for you.  We normally make most deliveries in the morning but can offer some flexibility.

All deliviers requests are done on a first come first served basis each day.

Can I have delivery my on the weekend?

We try to make deliveries on the weekend when requested but this is not always possible so please call us if a weekend delivery is essential.

Will you deliver into the ULEZ?

No, we are no longer deliverying into the ULEZ. Please forward all compaints to Mr S Kahn of London. 


Web site and ordering

I'm having a problem with the web site!

If you encounter any problems with the web site please contact us and we will do our best to look into if for you.

I have placed my order and not heard back from you?

We try to contact all customers within 24 hours of ordering.  In the rare event that we don't please do not hesitate to contact us.






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