Coal & Log Ban

Coal 4 Kent - Coal & Log Ban

It was recently announced that Stoves and Fires will be targeted to help reduce pollution in the UK.  The way this was reported has led people to believe that burning fuel to heat your home will be banned completely and this is certainly not the case.  Although legislation is not finalised we have summarised below how this might impact our business over the next few years.

Coal - Although plans have not been finalised it is more than likely that normal House Coal will be banned (as is now the case in Ireland).  We currently only sell three products that will fall under this ban.  Our small and medium Traditional House Coal and Wildfire (which contains a higher amount of normal coal compared to the other manufactured fuels). 

We currently have a range of smokeless fuels available that will be allowed for use on open fires such as Homefire and eCoal.  We also think the manufacturers will be keen to develop yet more fuels that will fill the void.  

Logs - Wet logs will be targeted but details on how this will be legislated are not yet clear.  We only supply dry, fully seasoned logs with a low moisture content.  Burning wet or unseasoned logs can be damaging to your stove and will not produce good heat so its not something we would ever recommend anyway.

We currently work with an excellent local supplier for all our logs that are sourced locally from Kent. Our logs come from managed woodlands that have been copiced every 15 years or so providing a sustainable supply of wood.  Our logs are then seasoned in under-cover barns to a moisture content of 20% or less (The same as Kiln dried).  Many of our national rivals import wood from Eastern Europe and then dry it in gas or electric kilns, a process that is bad for the environment in itself! 

If you would like any more information on our range of fuels please do not hesitate to contact us any time.