Anthracite for Stoves, Boilers & Cookers

Anthracite for Stoves, Boilers & Cookers

Coal 4 Kent 

Anthracite for Stoves, Boilers and Cookers 

Save up to £40 per tonne! 

Our Welsh anthracite is a naturally smokeless fuel that provides exceptional heat output.  Anthracite is best suited for use on Stoves, Cookers, Boilers and other closed appliances.

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Anthracite Small Nuts  (Stovesse)

Anthracite Small Nuts (Stovesse)

Coal 4 Kent - Anthracite Small Nuts (Stovesse)  Ideal for Stoves, Cookers and Boilers..


Anthracite Large Nuts  (Stove Nuts)

Anthracite Large Nuts (Stove Nuts)

Coal 4 Kent - Anthracite Large (Stove) Nuts Ideal for Stoves, Cookers and Boilers  Sa..


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