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R A Mills Coal & Log Fuel Merchant Faversham Kent 2017

Call us on: 07469 623 437                        Email us at:

Coal 4 Kent Site Map



     Smokeless Fuels for Open Fires and Stoves

     Coal for Open Fires

     Anthracite for stoves and Boilers

     Smokeless Fuels for Stoves and Boilers

     Anthracite for Gravity fed Boilers

     Seasoned Kent Logs

     Sundry Items


     Homefire eCoal

     Homefire Ovals


     Anthracite Small Nuts

     Anthracite Large Nuts

     Anthracite Grains

     Anthracite Beans

     Medium House Coal

     Small House Coal



     Stoveheat Premium

     Seasoned Logs Carry Bag

     Seasoned Logs Dumpy Bag




  Where to buy coal in Kent


Coal  4  Kent